"ASA FURNITURE / JIA GOANG", is the 4th plant of "COLORWISE MANUFACTURING LTD.", established in Jordan,  to meet the demandsfrom The European  & Middle-East markets.

Before ASA FURNITURE / JIA GOANG,  the founder, Mr. Peter Lin, established the first Production plant in Taiwan in 1987, and the 2nd plant in Shanghai China in 1998.  A decade Later, The 3rd Plant together with Distribution Warehousing Network,  built up 2009, in Chonqing, where the heart of the Mainland China is.

ASA FURNITURE INDUSTRY/JIA GOANG, has 2 phases of achievment to make. The very first of it, is to manage the full assembly work, and the 2nd phase of it, is to operate the full production, including the product injection from the moulds / machines.       

Our manufacturing facilities are epuipped with modern machinery, producing products to conform with or exceed international safety codes and pracitices (ANSI/BIFMA). In-house automatic equipment which includes, Intensive PVC Injection, Robotic welding (CO2), CNC Tube Bending, QC Test Machines, and etc., most of product components for our own specialized needs. such as, various kinds of chair backs, bases, and arm-rests. We design and produce to deliver products that make the user a better office workplace of healthcare enviroments. Our chairs introduce the concept of ergonomic desgins for long office seating, which are concerned with greater issues of humanity, innovation, outstanding design, and operational excellence.

We believe in clean design, honest material, and minimal dependence on subcontractors to assure our quality consistency and delivery reilability. We look at our primary goal as creating comfortable seating for everybody in office. We continue to enhance and expand our seating to support the continuing changes in commercial work enviroments and home. 


Export Worldwide :  The US  25%,
  Europe 25% 
  China   25%
  Latin America 10%,
  Others 15%